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Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Treatment

Adolescent Inpatient Treatment

At Fuller Hospital, we are dedicated to providing an atmosphere of healing that is clinically sound, compassionate and focused on the individual patient. We focus on helping teens learn new life skills to help them deal with stressors that come with being an adolescent. Our staff is dedicated to providing a thorough evaluation and treatment plan for each of our patients.

Our treatment team focuses on:

  • Stabilization
  • Medication management
  • Individual case management
  • Family engagement
  • Daily structured groups offering peer support

Treatment may also involve psychological, substance abuse and behavioral components family education and participation in group therapy. Discharge planning meetings are held with family, guardians, DCF and other support persons to allow patients to move as quickly as possible to another level of care or other appropriate aftercare program. Involvement of the family and outside treatment providers is a crucial part of the treatment process

Adolescent Dual Diagnosis services offer a continuum of care designed to provide a comprehensive system of treatment and recovery from co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders. Co-occurring disorders are treated simultaneously with a clear recognition that stabilization/arresting of the addiction is the most immediate concern. Our staff is dedicated to providing a thorough evaluation and a direct and focused treatment plan.
To make a referral for adolescent inpatient treatment or partial hospitalization, please call 833-3FULLER (338-5537).