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Make a Referral

Make a Referral

Fuller Hospital provides In-Home Therapy/Therapeutic Mentoring, Partial Hospitalization and Inpatient services. If you are a provider, friend or family member looking to make a referral, please find the appropriate instructions below. For any further questions or concerns, you can contact Fuller Hospital directly at 508-761-8500.

Inpatient Hospitalization

To make a referral for either adult or adolescent inpatient treatment, please fax Fuller Intake department at 508-562-4554 and/or call 508-417-8865 and select option #1.

In-Home Therapy & Therapeutic Mentoring for ages 0 – 21 years

To make a referral download and complete the In Home Therapy Referral Form. Referrals can be faxed to 508-838-2303 or emailed to [email protected]. For questions, eligibility and insurance products accepted call 508-838-2303.

Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program (The Inspire Program)

To make a referral to the Inspire Program at Fuller Hospital, our Adolescent Partial Hospitalization track for ages 12 years to 19 years school age please download and complete the Inspire Program Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program Referral Form. Completed forms can be fax to Fuller’s Intake at 508-562-4554 along with updated psych assessment, history and physical and psychosocial assessment. For parents, guardians and non-clinical staff please call Fuller Intake Department at 508-417-8865 and select option #1 to schedule an intake appointment with our PHP team.

Adult Partial Hospitalization Commuter Program

To make a referral to the commuter Adult Partial Hospitalization program please call Fuller Intake Department at 508-417-8865 and select option #1, or you can download and complete Adult Partial Hospitalization Commuter Referral Form and fax to Fuller’s Intake at 508-562-4554.

Partial Plus Program

To make a referral to our Partial Plus program please download and complete the Partial Hospitalization PLUS Referral Form and Patient Agreement and fax to 508-838-2326, or email to [email protected].

Providers please call the program at 508-838-2337 to review your referral and schedule an admission date. Referral sources are asked to complete prior authorization for the PHP PLUS program. Authorization information should be given to the Program Manager at 508-838-2337, prior to the patient arriving to start treatment.

Release of Information and Referral Forms

If you are looking to obtain patient medical records, click here to download a Release of Information form. Completed forms should be faxed to 508-761-4240.