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Adult Partial Plus

Adult Partial Plus

Adult Partial Plus

Partial Plus offers no-cost supervised housing for patients who attend Fuller Hospital’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) on the hospital campus in South Attleboro, Massachusetts. Partial Plus provides a supportive living environment for residents while they are in PHP treatment. PHP plus assists individuals who are transitioning from inpatient care to independent living or under diversionary care. Appropriate candidates are generally patients who are safe to remain in the dorm, but require the clinical intervention PHP provides in order to prevent hospitalization. While at the dorm, residents are required to attend all PHP groups and related treatment.

Dorm Amenities

Residents can take advantage of a variety of amenities including movies, cable television and telephones. Staff encourages residents to enjoy personal interests, including hobbies like reading and visits with families and friends. Residents are required to participate in PHP programming seven days a week. Residents are expected to actively be involved in placement upon discharge from PHP with the assistance of staff.

Residents eat most of their meals in the cafeteria and are expected to do their own laundry in the on-site facilities. Residents are also assigned other household chores in order to build skills for independent living and engage in community living. The residence has beds in separate, single-gender dormitory-style rooms.

Residence Clientele

Residents must be medically stable, comply with medication regimens, remain completely substance-free and to attend all therapy groups. If an individual relapses, they will no longer be eligible to reside at Partial Plus. Residents are expected to have at least a two week supply of all prescriptions filled prior to arrival at the supervised dorm.

Referrals and Information

Clients and providers interested in Fuller Hospital’s Partial Hospitalization Program with Partial Plus should call the intake department at 508-761-8500 or complete the form below. If the individual qualifies for partial hospitalization at Fuller Hospital, the PHP staff will then discuss criteria for admission to Partial Plus.

As part of the intake process, PHP staff reviews the case with the referring clinician and requires a faxed evaluation, including information on current medications. If the patient is accepted to the Partial Plus program, a bed will be reserved and a PHP intake appointment will be arranged. Admissions are scheduled Monday through Thursday.